Wooden floor finishes are grouped into four general categories:

Solvent-based floor finishes are either one pack or two pack polyurethane and provide a harder finish that has an increased scratch resistance. They require little maintenance and offer some of the hardest finishes available, in various gloss levels from matte to high gloss.

A mixture of oil-based products with urethane to provide relatively good protection against abrasions. The odour is strong during application, but dissipates as the product dries. These finishes imbue a subdued satin to semi-gloss and require maintenance in high traffic areas.

Oil-based finishes are a natural product, made to enrich the beauty of timber. A more traditional finish is reached by using oil-based products such as tung oil and linseed oil. These aren't scratch-resistant so they require regular maintenance to keep them looking good.

These water-based polyurethane and acrylic mixes are gaining popularity for their long- lasting wear and less harsh effects on occupants. With much less outgassing, there are no harmful fumes. These finishes are low-odour and toxic-free with a zero carcinogenic chemical content, therefore no respirator is required during application.


ACE Floor Sanding relies on a number of products to create professional finishes for your floors. We guarantee the quality of coatings from Toby, Bona, Intergrain Enviropro and Feast Watson.

To identify which product to use, we rely on 'traffic', which is ideal for domestic use, while 'mega' is commercial-strength. Depending on the type of finish you're after, choose from high and semi-gloss, natural, matte and satin. The brands we use produce water-based floor finishes, which are safer for people and the environment.

TOBY manufacturers a fantastic solvent-based floor finish. Toby's single pack polyurethane produces a clear finish with extended longevity that is scratch-resistant and great for high-traffic areas.

FEAST WATSON also has an extra-hardwearing, clear high-gloss, weatherproof, moisture-cured polyurethane that is ideal for outdoor decking and verandas. It incorporates UV protection and is resistant to saltwater, oils, chemicals and solvents. Feast Watson also has the extremely durable and environmentally responsible Enviromax for use on timber and parquetry floors.

INTERGRAIN ENVIROPRO manufactures water-based products, which are non-toxic and safe for the environment. Enviropro produces the most durable non-toxic timber coatings on the market. Developed in Europe and the US, their long life has even been tested to exceed solvent-based products in some cases.

BONA produces indoor wood oils that are formulated from pine tree oil. These products are available in varying gloss levels, from high-gloss to matte.

Customers can use their own choice of products, however, ACE is unable to uphold a guarantee on products not supplied by us.